Earn 7 CE Credits with MDA - Dental Pharmacology - September 18, Helena

Earn 7 CE credits at MDA's Fall CE featuring Dr. Mark Donaldson. Stay in-state, learn and enjoy!

When an adverse drug reaction occurs due to a drug interaction, who is more at risk - you or your patient?  Do you have patients who are already on one prescription medication before they come to your office? How about four prescription medications? Did you know that the likelihood of a drug interaction in a patient on five medications is greater than 50%? What if you are the prescriber who writes the fifth prescription? 

This interactive program looks at some of the more common drugs and drug interactions and their management with a particular focus on the dental realm. 

Save this class to your calendar!  September 18, Red Lion Colonial Hotel, Helena.

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For further meeting information contact MDA at (800) 257-4988.  

Legislature Passes Medicaid Audit Bill - Gov. Bullock May Veto

 HB 237, MDA’s bill to reform Medicaid audits, passed the Legislature on April 18. Gov. Steve Bullock's health care advisor said that the Governor may veto the bill, due to opposition by  DPHHS.  MDA is urging dentists to  call  the Governor's office and ask that he sign the bill. Call his office at  (406) 444-3111 before April 23.

The bill places limits on records requests, time limits for audit completion, bars use of extrapolation except in cases of high risk providers, requires review by peers or experts, and requires reimbursement of a provider's legal costs if an audit is challenged and overturned. It’s sponsored by Rep. Al Olszewski (R-Kalispell), an orthopedic surgeon.

MDA president Dr. Chris Hirt, Helena pediatric dentist Dr. Kevin Rencher, MDA vice president Dr. Jane Gillette, Missoula pediatric dentist Dr. Susan Tiede and Greg Gould, MDA’s attorney, testified at a hearing before the Senate Public Health, Welfare, and Safety Committee on March 13.

MDA was supported by the Montana Hospital Association, Medical Association, optometrists, nursing homes, community clinics, podiatrists, dental hygienists, physical therapists, and other small health care practices. The only opposition was from the Department of Public Health and Human Services.


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